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Deep and Shallow Well Pumps

Remove or install, a new pump or existing pump

Aldgate Pump Sales & Service stands out as the go-to experts in the Adelaide Hills for all your pump needs. Specialising in deep and shallow well pumps, they excel in matching you with the ideal pump for your specific requirements. These pumps are designed to withstand harsh working conditions, making them incredibly versatile and reliable.

When you need a pump that can handle a suction lift, meaning the water source is located below the pump, deep and shallow well pumps are the perfect choice. These pumps utilise injectors to enhance suction capacity, ensuring efficient water delivery even from considerable depths.

With Aldgate Pump Sales & Service’s expertise, you can always select the pump with the best-suited specifications and features for your application. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and extensive knowledge ensures that you get the right pump for your needs, every time.

Shallow Well Pumps

Shallow well pumps are designed to supply water from sources where a “suction lift” is present, such as a dam, creek or well. Shallow well pumps are suitable when the suction lift is less than 7.6m. They are constructed of highly durable components for many years of hard work.


Deep Well Pumps

Deep well pumps are designed to supply water when the suction lift is greater than 7.6m. In fact, a deep well pump uses a “deep well injector” to handle suction lifts up to 45m. This makes them ideal for water sources such as bores and wells. Just like a shallow well pump, they are constructed from highly durable materials.



  • Stock Watering
  • Water transfer from dams, creeks and bores.
  • Irrigation
  • Tank Filling
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Deep and Shallow Well Pumps

Deep and Shallow Well Pumps - Aldgate Pump Sales and Service

Onga Farmmaster Deep and Shallow Well Pumps

Onga’s Farmmaster range of pumps has evolved with the needs of Australian farmers and landowners since Onga’s beginning in 1967. They have benefited from over 45 years of outstanding pump engineering. The Farmmaster Range offers precision engineered internals with coated cast iron construction for high performance, lower running costs and the ultimate in strength and longevity. Containing a totally enclosed fan cooled motor, you simply can’t beat this range for reliability. Available in shallow and deep well configurations.

Deep and Shallow Well Pumps - Aldgate Pump Sales and Service

Davey Shallow Well Pressure System with Torrium

The Shallow Well Pressure System consists of a shallow well jet pump fitted with a Torrium®2 controller. The combination of high pressures supplied by the jet assisted shallow well pump and constant flow with loss of prime protection provided by the Torrium®2 controller enables consistent and trouble free operation whilst protecting the pump from damage. The Torrium®2 controller is supplied connected electrically to the shallow well pump motor for easy installation. All parts of the system that are in contact with the water are manufactured from safe, corrosion resistant materials.

Deep and Shallow Well Pumps - Aldgate Pump Sales and Service

Davey Shallow Well Pumps

The Davey Shallow well pumps come complete with a LTEFC motor providing an IP56 rating for long term protection against vermin, dust and water and is designed for both high ambient temperatures and extremes in supply voltage making them ideal for remote areas. The pump unit features the highest corrosion resistance with outstanding pressure capacity due to its unique composite casing design with high strength aluminium outer casing and full internal casing made from precision moulded Rilsan.

Deep and Shallow Well Pumps - Aldgate Pump Sales and Service

Davey Deep Well Pumps

Used in conjunction with Deep Well injector kits, these pumps are Ideal for supplying high pressure water from bores to 42m depth for: Water supply; Tank filling; Stock watering; Sprinkler supply. Davey Deep Well Pumps can also be used in applications where the pump needs to be horizontally offset from the water supply. The motor is totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) with a high IP rating for long term protection against vermin, dust and water. The pump casing made from marine grade aluminium for high tensile strength, with a unique internal Rilsan casing injection moulded for wet areas, providing outstanding resistance to aggressive water.