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Pressure Tanks

Aldgate Pumps carry a large range of pressure tanks for a variety of uses.
Do I need a pressure tank?
Pressure tanks cover a wide range of uses and benefits. Give us a call to discuss your individual needs.

One of the most common questions we get asked is “Do I need a pressure tank for my household pressure pump?”
Most modern day pressure pumps do not require a pressure tank in order to function. However, there can be benefits by adding one to your existing pressure system.
One of our manufacturers W.B.S pumps in Adelaide undertook a trial using one of their Lowara pressure pumps to find out the benefits.

The Installation
The trial involved a Lowara pressure pump supplying a household of 4 people.
Water was being supplied to the main bathroom, ensuite, laundry and kitchen and an electric mains pressure hot water service. The toilets were not connected to the system. (They were supplied by a separate pump using bore water). The system was monitored for 12 months -> 6 months without a pressure tank, then 6 month with a pressure tank.

The Results
For 6 months, there was no pressure tank fitted.
Average starts/stops per day = 70
Average run time = 43 seconds per cycle.

For 6 months there was a 2 litres pressure tank fitted to the top of the pump unit.
Average starts/stops per day = 40 (nearly half the amount of stop/starts)
Average run time = 60 seconds per cycle.

We can confirm that over the 12 month the pump had cycled 20,075 times with a total run hours of 274.3 hours. Obviously had the toilets been connected to the system the usage would have been a lot more.

There are many obvious benefits by adding a pressure tank and reducing pump cycles, but none more important than the reduction of power consumption. On average a pump unit of this size will draw 5 to 6 times its full load amps on start up.

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