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Iron Removal and Water Softeners

You don’t just use water to drink… you use it to cook, wash produce, make coffee, wash your hands, water your plants… the list goes on and on. You use water for so many things, so shouldn’t you use the best quality water possible? A home water filtration system can help reduce the contaminants in your tap water and improve the water you use throughout your daily life. Clean water is healthy water!

Not sure what filtration system best suits you? Let the team at Aldgate Pump Sales and Services recommend a system that will keep you and your family drinking the best quality water for a healthy living lifestyle.

Aldgate Pump Sales & Service offer a wide variety of water filters to help clean and purify your running water for you, your family or staff. Whether for mains water, rainwater, or from your bore, we have a solution that filters dirty or discoloured water, hard water, bad taste or odours, or removes bacteria such as Giardia or Cryptosporidium.  

Getting the most out of your bore or dam water

Always remember, ground water is NOT always safe. Even if it looks clear and tastes good – there may be things you can’t see and taste, like metals, low pH and bacteria.

It can be difficult to determine whether you actually need a water treatment system or what type of system would be best for you. Although the choice to use a water treatment system is up to each individual, Aldgate Pump Sales & Service can certainly help with your product selection process.

Contact us to discuss which is the right water treatment system for your needs.

Iron Removal and Water Softeners

Aldgate Pump Sales and Service Iron Removal and Water Softeners

Puretec I-STOP iron removal systems

Revolutionary technology extensively proven to remove even more iron from your water supplies! The premium Z-Series features an in-built Ozone generator to inhibit Iron Reducing Bacteria growth and the X-series features an air injector to increase the oxidation rate. Both systems provide an increased Iron removal level and may eliminate the requirement for an aeration tank.

After hardness, iron is the most common water contaminant causing staining, thick sediment, slime and smell. It blocks up pumps, taps, filters and ruins the look of anything it comes in contact with. Iron at high levels will cost you money.

Aldgate Pump Sales and Service Iron Removal and Water Softeners

Puretec  SOL Series Water Softeners

Sol-E3 Volumetric Softeners

The Softrol™ SOL-E3 Automatic Volume water softening system is our smartest unit. Just input the water hardness, time and date and the unit automatically calculates the capacity. It measures the water volume used and initiates a regeneration once the capacity is reached. 

Features and benefits

  • Less salt, water, power consumed with the metered control valve.
  • Optimum regeneration, cleaning and efficiency.
  • Highly intelligent use of water.
  • 1-28 days override.
  • Reliable, durable and simple.
  • 6 Year Platinum Protection.

The Puretec SOL-E3 Series systems use an E3-Matic™ valve and is the most advanced water softener valve. If no water is used, it won’t backwash and then when it decides to, it will choose a convenient time when you never use water. Power usage is extremely low similar to that of a garden watering system. Very simple and easy to use. 

These systems provide peace-of-mind water softening throughout the house. You’ll notice benefits all through the house. Soap and shampoo’s will lather better, your skin will not be as dry, and soap scum will be reduced. Clothes are softer and hot water appliances will last many more years.

Aldgate Pump Sales and Service Iron Removal and Water Softeners

Sol-E1 Automatic Softeners

The Softrol™ SOL-E1 Automatic Timer water softening systems requires less maintenance than the semi-auto systems. After the initial installation simply set the times and dates requiring backwash and the unit regenerates automatically. 

Features and benefits

  • Regenerates automatically.
  • 1-99 day timer controller.
  • 10 selectable programmed cycles.
  • 12 volt transformer.
  • Reliable, durable and simple.
  • WaterMark Certified (License No. WM 74953).
  • 6 Year Platinum Protection.

The Puretec SOL-E1 Series systems use an E1-Matic™ valve that backwashes automatically on a preset time. After the initial installation, simply set the times and dates requiring backwash and the unit automatically regenerates. Power usage is extremely low, similar to that of a garden watering system.