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Pump Controllers & Switches

Optimise Your Water System with a Pump Controller

A well-fitted water pump controller from Aldgate Pump Sales & Service is essential for efficiently regulating and protecting your entire water system. It ensures that your pumps operate at optimal levels, preventing issues such as overflows, dry running, and excessive pressure, which can damage equipment and waste water.

At Aldgate Pump Sales & Service, we stock a wide range of water pump controllers and switches to suit a variety of applications. Whether you need a simple controller for basic functions or a more advanced system with remote monitoring capabilities, we have the right solution to keep your water system running smoothly and reliably. Talk to us today!

We stock water control equipment for:

  • Pressure Pumps and household pump systems
  • Sump Pumps for clean or dirty water applications
  • Vertical Multistage pumps for high volume of irrigation controllers
  • Variable speed controllers

Some of the features available are:

  • Run dry protection
  • Over and under voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Anti-cycling
  • Flow switch protection
  • Alternating pump cycles
  • Visual and audible alarm

We can also build custom made control gear to suit just about any application. Simply give Aldgate Pump Sales & Service a call on (08) 8339 6577 or check out our range of water pump controllers online.