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Pipe Fittings

Choosing the right water pump fittings is paramount to maintaining a constant, correct pressure in your water system. At Aldgate Pump Sales & Service we make it easy for you to solve your irrigation problems by offering a comprehensive range of poly pipe fittings, couplings and valves. Whether you require hoses and fittings for agricultural, manufacturing, industry, or just domestic watering we will have or can find what you need. We carry a large range which has excellent strength, durability and flexibility, many of which are ideal for hard working areas such as construction, sports fields, dairy farms, mining and outback areas which are subject to extreme weather conditions.

Our Range of Water Pump Fittings includes:

  • Poly pipe fittings – low density poly, rural poly and metric “blueline” poly
  • PVC fittings – for pressure pipe
  • Glue and primer for PVC
  • Galvanised fittings
  • BSP threaded poly fittings
  • Valves – ball valves & gate valves
  • Foot valves & non-return valves
  • Tank flanges
  • Camlock fittings

Contact Aldgate Pump Sales & Service on (08) 8339 6577 and talk to one of our friendly team about the range of water pump fittings and accessories we have in stock. And remember, if we don’t have it in stock we’ll find it for you. 

Hansen Threaded Fittings

Choose from the largest range of durable, high strength commercial quality threaded pipe fittings. We stock most fittings 15mm to 50mm -> more available on request.



  • 15mm to 50mm = 16Bar (1600kPa) pressure rating
  • Manufactured from high quality glass reinforced fibres
Aldgate Pump Sales and Services Hansen pipe fittings

Philmac Rural Poly Fittings

The Philmac Rural range of Australian made compression fittings is the perfect connection for Australian rural B Class poly pipe. High performance with fast and easy installation.



  • Australian made
  • For Rural B Class Poly pipe
  • 50 year + design life
  • 20 year warranty
Aldgate Pump Sales and Services Hansen pipe fittings

Philmac Camlocks

The complete range of Philmac Polypropylene Camlock fittings is available in store in sizes 20, 25, 40 & 50mm BSP. We can order Aluminium and Ny Glass camlocks.



  • Rated to 700kPa
  • Stainless steel Cam arm pins
  • Long spigot for more than one pipe clamp.
Aldgate Pump Sales and Services Hansen pipe fittings

Philmac Ball Valves

The Philmac ball valve is designed and manufactured in Australia to survive our tough conditions. Rated to 16 Bar, with an easy grip, non-slip handle.



  • Australian Made
  • Max pressure – 16Bar (1600kPa)
  • Meets AS/NZS 4020 standard for drinking water
  • 25 year warranty
Aldgate Pump Sales and Services Hansen pipe fittings

Foot & Non Return Valves

The Australian made Philmac Foot and Non-return valves are manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure years of reliable service. Designed to allow water to flow in one direction only.



  • Flow in one direction only
  • 1400kPa pressure rating
  • Low pressure shutoff – 20kPa
  • UV and corrosion resistant
Aldgate Pump Sales and Services Hansen pipe fittings

Brass Ball Valves

The BBV Series ball valve is constructed with a stainless steel handle, a teflon seat, and a chrome plated brass ball. Available in sizes 15mm to 100mm.



  • Agriculture
  • Turf
  • Domestic water
  • Max pressure – 1050kPa
Aldgate Pump Sales and Services Hansen pipe fittings

PVC Pipe and Fittings 

We stock PVC pipe from 15mm to 50mm in PN12.5 (1250kPa pressure rating). Other sizes and pressure ratings are available upon request.  We also stock PVC fittings to suit (Class 18 –AS1477) which includes:

  • Elbows
  • Tee’s
  • Caps
  • Repair Couplings
  • Couplings
  • Valve and Faucet Sockets
  • Valve and Faucet Adaptors
Aldgate Pump Sales and Services Hansen pipe fittings

Alprene Metric Pipe Fittings

Complete range of compression fittings from 20mm to 50mm  for  metric polyethylene pipes. Disassembly not required for all sizes. All components work together smoothly to guarantee a reliable and efficient joint.



  • Body, Nut, thrust ring: virgin polypropylene in master batches, UV stabilized
  • Clamp ring: Acetalic resin
  • Gaskets: Food safe rubber (NBR)
  • Reinforcement ring: stainless steel AISI 430
Aldgate Pump Sales and Services Hansen pipe fittings

Galvanised Fittings

We stock an extensive range of galvanised pipe fittings from 15mm to 50mm. We also carry a small range of 65mm and 80mm fittings for bore pump manifolds.

Our range includes:

  • Elbows
  • Tee’s
  • Brass Seat Unions
  • Long radius bends
  • Reducing Bushes
  • Nipples
  • Couplings/sockets

We also cut and thread galvanised pipe.

At our Aldgate branch we can thread 15 to 50mm pipe.

At our Woodside branch we can thread 15 to 80mm pipe.