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Bore Cleaning Service

Aldgate Pump Sales & Service help maintain bores throughout the Adelaide Hills

At Aldgate Pump Sales & Service, we understand the importance of maintaining your water bores in the Adelaide Hills. Ensuring their proper functionality is essential for your infrastructure’s well-being. Our team is dedicated to helping you stay ahead of any unforeseen issues that may arise with your bore water production with our bore cleaning service.

Regular maintenance of water bores and pipelines is not only cost-effective but also prevents costly downtimes associated with pipeline pigging or extensive bore rejuvenation. Our bore treatment solutions offer an efficient way to keep your bore pumps operating at their optimum efficiency, thereby reducing power costs.

It’s crucial to address any issues affecting bore performance and water quality promptly. Groundwater naturally dissolves mineral salts over time, leading to the formation of hard, brittle scale deposits in bores, pumps, and irrigation systems. These deposits can significantly impede water flow and increase running times, ultimately resulting in premature pump failure.

At Aldgate Pump Sales & Service, our bore cleaning process effectively removes mineral deposits such as carbonates and hydroxides, ensuring improved water flow and preventing unnecessary expenses. Additionally, our specialized flushing technique eliminates iron deposits from your bore, pump, and pipework column, resulting in better-quality bore water suitable for various uses.

Don’t wait until issues escalate – contact Aldgate Pump Sales & Service today to schedule maintenance for your water bores and ensure uninterrupted water supply for your needs.

What will the bore treatment do?

The bore clean chemical will dissolve built up deposits of iron and iron bacteria. The treatment will also help improve water flow and quality, ensuring better performance and longevity of the bore.

What is the iron doing to my bore?

Iron can be very problematic in bores. It partially or fully blocks water pipes causing reduced flow and increased friction loss; it blocks up your bore pump and bore pipe work; it may increase the running temperature of your bore pump motor causing increased wear; it blocks irrigation filters, sprinklers etc.

Is the bore cleaning chemical safe?

Before any treatment, an Aldgate Pump technician will conduct a thorough assessment to ensure compatibility with your specific bore system, prioritising both safety and effectiveness. The chemical we utilise is completely biodegradable.

Does your bore need cleaning? Does your bore water stain whatever it touches? Contact Aldgate Pump Sales & Service on (08) 8339 6577 to arrange a no obligation free quote on cleaning your bore.