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Bore Cleaning Service

Aldgate Pump Sales & Service help maintain bores throughout the Adelaide Hills

Water bores are an important part of your infrastructure and as such should be kept in good working condition. Aldgate Pump Sales & Service help maintain bores throughout the Adelaide Hills and can help you stay well ahead of any unforseen problems with the production of water from your bore. They offer a cost effective solution when used regularly in the maintenance of water bores and pipelines. A regular treatment eliminates the costly down time associated with pipeline pigging or a full bore rejuvenation. Aldgate Pump Sales & Service’s bore treatment reduces power costs by keeping the bore pump working at optimum efficiency.

Bore performance and bore water can be affected in a number of ways. Groundwater moving through rock, soil, gravels and sands gradually dissolves mineral salts. After many years the groundwater may be nearly saturated with some minerals. Any change in the conditions of the groundwater, such as those caused when pumping from an aquifer, may cause deposition of these minerals. These deposits often form a hard brittle cement-like “scale” similar to that found in some water pipes or the bottoms of kettles.

Aldgate Pump Sales & Service bore cleaning process removes mineral deposits such as carbonates and hydroxides common in bores, pumps and irrigation systems. These deposits can reduce the efficiency of water flow, costing time and money due to extended running times and premature failure of pumps.

Aldgate Pump are then able to flush your bore clean of Iron deposits. Using your bore pump, we flush the bore, pump and pipework column free of Iron leaving you with a better quality of bore water for general use.

What will the bore treatment do?

The bore clean chemical will dissolve built up deposits of iron and iron bacteria.

What is the iron doing to my bore?

Iron can be very problematic in bores. It partially or fully blocks water pipes causing reduced flow and increased friction loss; it blocks up your bore pump and bore pipe work; it may increase the running temperature of your bore pump motor causing increased wear; it blocks irrigation filters, sprinklers etc.

Is the bore cleaning chemical safe?

An Aldgate Pump sales technician will carry out the bore cleaning treatment. The chemical used is completely biodegradable.

Does your bore need cleaning? Does your bore water stain whatever it touches? Contact Aldgate Pump Sales & Service on (08) 8339 6577 to arrange a no obligation free quote on cleaning your bore.