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Maximising water efficiency

Aldgate Pump Sales & Service excels in maximising water efficiency with their extensive range of solenoid valves. A properly selected solenoid valve can prevent issues such as over-watering or under-watering, which can lead to plant stress or disease. Speak to the expert team at Aldgate Pump Sales & Service for all your solenoid valve requirements.

Aldgate Pump Sales and Service Solenoid

HR Solenoid Valve

Code : HR25FC-HR40FC-HR50FC

Designed for use in all irrigation systems, turf, landscape and agricultural watering projects.


  • Globe and Angle configuration for flexibility in design and installation for 40 and 50mm valves
  • Rugged PVC construction to withstand constant 1033kPa pressure and 19 – 378 LPM
  • Slow closing to prevent water hammer
  • Internal Manual bleed
  • Flow control.
Aldgate Pump Sales and Service solenoid

Hunter Solenoid Valve

Code : PGVXXX 


Professional Grade Valves Ready for All System Sizes

This hard working, heavy-duty valve offers the best features of Hunter’s top-of-the-line valves. Built with enough durability to handle the rigors of most residential and light commercial sites, the PGV is available in an array of configurations. For smaller landscape applications, the PGV is available in four 25 mm body configurations: angle, globe, or male x male design. In turn, each model is available in either a flow control or non-flow control version. For larger landscape applications, the PGV comes in both 40 mm and 50 mm globe/angle models (with flow control). All models feature durable high-grade construction and a rugged diaphragm with support to prevent stress failure.


  • Heavy-duty Hunter solenoid
  • High grade construction, 10 Bars rating
  • Internal and external manual bleed
  • Flow control with non-rising handle
  • Rigid diaphragm support

Solenoid Accessories

 Aldgate Pump Sales also stock a range of solenoid accessories to get your irrigation system up and running.

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