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Aldgate Pump Sales & Service is a leading supplier of water pump systems to South Australia
We have now added a short 3 minute video to our Remote Start Diesel page showing the major features and benefits of the system. Read more
Aldgate Pump Systems special of the month

Puretec Iron Removal System

The Puretec IRS3000 system is designed to prevent the staining and rust build up in your water system. The system reduces the level of iron and manganese. After hardness, iron is the most common water contaminant causing staining, thick sediment, slime and smell. It blocks up pumps, taps, filters and ruins the look of anything it comes in contact with. Iron at high levels will cost you money. Read more

Aldgate Pump Sales and Service are the Adelaide and Adelaide Hills water pump specialists. Our domestic services include supply, installation and maintenance for household water pressure systems, bore pumps, submersible pumps, sump pumps, hot water & heating pumps, rainwater harvesting pumps, grey water recycling pumps, swimming pools and fire safety pumps.

Our commercial water management systems offer a large range of environmentally sustainable solutions including high pressure irrigation, heavy duty farm pumps for stock watering, horticulture or viticulture irrigation. Aldgate Pump supply and install commercial grade water pumps and filters for turf maintenance on golf courses, sports grounds, parks, gardens, landscaping and land development.

Aldgate Pump Sales & Service are one of South Australia’s largest agents for the world’s best domestic and commercial water pump manufacturers including Grundfos, Davey, Onga, Lowara, Franklin, and Caprari. Woodside Pump Sales & Service is an expansion of Aldgate Pump, enabling us to better service Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, Mount Barker and South Australia. Need a new water pump or water pump repairs... simply contact Aldgate Pump Sales & Service.

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