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Puretec Hybrid R1 Filtration and Ultraviolet System


Filtration and Ultraviolet All in One Unit with Reversible Bracket. Designed for mains and rainwater.
The Hybrid R series does NOT have a weatherproof cover. (Different to the Hybrid G6 which includes a lockable, weatherproof cover).

Provides safe water and purified water for your wholehouse. The Puretec Hybrid-R Systems effectively eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in your water.
This system is designed so that installation can be either left to right or right to left depending on the installation requirements.

• Dual filtration for extra sediment capacity
• Filtration and ultraviolet all in one unit
• Reversible aluminium mounting bracket for easy installation
• Made from lightweight, durable materials
• Equipped with a lamp count-down timer and alarm
• Anti-corrosion construction
• 1” connections
• Quick and easy plug-and-play installation
• 3 Year Warranty

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