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Aldgate Pump Sale & Service in the Adelaide Hills are experts when it comes to water filters and water filtration systems.
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Water Treatment

Clean water is healthy water. Aldgate Pump Sales & Service offer a wide
variety of water filters to help clean and purify your running water for you,
your family or staff. Whether for mains water, rainwater, or from your
bore, we have a solution that filters dirty or discoloured water, hard water,
bad taste or odours, or removes bacteria such as Giardia or Cryptosporidium.

Aldgate Pump Sale & Service are experts when it comes to water filters and water filtration systems.

Here’s how tank water becomes contaminated:
Roof > animal and bird droppings
Bore > ground water is not always safe
Dam > animal droppings and farm run off

Algae > due to light penetration into the tank
Mosquito Larvae > as they breed in your tank
Stagnant Water > caused by long spells of no rain
Bio Film > from build up of organic matter

Want to get the most out of your bore water?
Always remember, ground water is NOT always safe. Even if it looks clear and tastes good – there may be things you can’t see and taste, like metals, low pH and bacteria. Firstly, we require a laboratory water analysis that will let us know the quality of your water. From this water analysis we can recommend a system(s) to get the most out of your water. Whether it’s for potable (drinking) water, stock or simply for irrigation. For more information, please click here for our page on water analysis.

Contact an Aldgate Pump Sales & Service water expert on (08) 8339 6577 for further details on our water analysis procedure.

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