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Water Meters

Rapidly changing environmental laws for the use of water require water meters
to be fitted to most irrigation systems. Aldgate Pump Sales & Service is
fully licensed and government certified by all relevant authorities to sell,
install, validate and service water meters.

Water meters are used for measuring the volume of water passing through a pipeline in irrigation systems. As water passes through the meter, water jets make the impeller rotate. The impeller’s rotations are proportional to the quantity of water being metered and are magnetically transmitted to the register.

Water Meter Features
• Hermetically vacuum-sealed register

• Magnetic transmission

• Magnetic shield, for external magnetic field protection

• High-flow accuracy

• Solid and robust design

• High scratch resistant glass on register

• Internal Strainer

• ISO 4064 Class B compliance standard (check local standards)

Water Meter Sizes 
• From 15mm up to 300mm

Paddle Type Water Meters
Used for dirty water in agricultre and wastewater treatment plants that requires meters to work reliably under difficult conditions. The paddle is suspended in the upper part of the meter body allowing solids to pass without damage.

Water Meter Intallation and Validation
Aldgate Pump Sales are licensed to install and validate water meters. For further information see our page on 'Water Meter Installation'.

Download our Water Meter Datasheets

   MT-EX water meters (15mm to 50mm)

   LXLG water meters (80mm to 300mm)

   PWWM Paddle Type Series (50mm to 200mm)

For further information on our range of water meters, technical enquiries or problem solving simply call Aldgate Pump Sales & Service on (08) 8339 6577. Our team can assist you with choosing the right water meter for your system, they can also arrange to have your water meter installed and validated.

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