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Water Meter Installation

Aldgate Pump Sales & Service can install and validate a quality water
meter if you live in the Adelaide Hills and surrounds.

Water Meter installation and validation in accordance with the
South Australian Licensed Water Use Specification 2012

Aldgate & Woodside Pump Sales and Service are fully licensed to install and validate water meters that are required to be installed in accordance with a written directive issued pursuant to the Natural Resources Management Act 2004.

If you require the services of a qualified technician to supply and install a meter, service, repair, replace or adjust an existing water meter, the work must be undertaken by a person certified by the water industry, and must be completed in accordance with the licensed water meter specification outlined by the Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources.

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Mount Lofty Ranges meter self-reads 

Water Meter Information
For information on water meters from Aldgate Pump Sales, please click here and view the Water Meter Data Sheets

Water Meter Reads in the Adelaide Hills and Mount Lofty region.
Do you need to do a self-read?
If you have been issued with a licence in the Mount Lofty Ranges (Eastern or Western) which includes the condition for a self-read(s) you will need to complete one annually.
You are required to do an end-of-year self-read annually by 14 July and submit the read(s) to the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) by 31 July. 
Self-reads can be completed using the online meter reading form.
For more information, please follow the link to the Government of South Australia site and  Mount Lofty Ranges meter self-reads

Health and sustainability through water licences and permits
The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) and the state’s eight Natural Resources Management Boards work together to support the sustainable management of water resources in South Australia. They do this through issuing licences and water allocations, measuring water use through metering requirements, managing water in high demand areas and securing flows for the environment.

Water Licences
Prescribed water resources are managed by the South Australian Government to ensure water use in these areas remains sustainable. Prescribed water resources are managed under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 (NRM Act) and include the issuing of water licences and allocations to use water.

Activities that require a licence vary depending on the water resources prescribed within a region, but may include underground, watercourse or surface water extracted for:

• Irrigation
• Industrial
• Commercial
• Stock and domestic use
• Managed aquifer recharge

Water Allocation Plans (WAPs) for prescribed areas are developed by Natural Resources Management (NRM) Boards, in consultation with the community and industry. These WAPs guide the sustainable management of prescribed water resources within those areas and include policies around how water is allocated and licensed.

Application forms for water licences are available on the Government of South Australia website.

Areas where existing user licences are currently being issued:
• Western Mount Lofty Ranges Prescribed Water Resources Area

Water Permits
Permits are required for a number of activities that impact on South Australia’s water resources and the ecosystems that depend on them. Permits enable these activities to be monitored and regulated to ensure our water resources remain sustainable into the future.

The Water Planning and Management Division of DEWNR administers permits for the following activities:

• Drilling, plugging, backfilling or sealing of a well
• Repairing, replacing or altering the casing, lining or screening of a well
• Draining or discharging water directly or indirectly into a well
• Using imported water in the course of carrying on a business
• Using effluent in the course of carrying on a business

Application forms for the water permits described above are available on the Government of South Australia website.

If you need a water meter installed and validated in Mt Barker and surrounding Adelaide Hills areas or need more information... simply call one of our team at Aldgate Pump Sales & Service on (08) 8339 6577.

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