Aldgate Pumps
Long life, corrosive resistant pump solutions that can be adjusted to suit your bore capacity.

Submersible Bore Pumps

      Need a submersible bore pump in Adelaide or the Adelaide Hills? Aldgate Pump Sales and Service stock a large range of submersible bore pumps and can install into an existing or new bore hole with a pump to suit just about any application such as:
      • Pumping to dams or holding tanks
      • Pumping direct to irrigation (pressure systems)
      • Pumping for domestic/potable household use*
      • Variable speed pressure systems to maximize efficiency and increase pump applications
      • Free on-site inspections are available to discuss options
      * Laboratory testing would be required to see what water treatment would be required for potable water.

      Controls can be designed to incorporate:
      • 24 hour time clocks
      • Flow switch (run dry and shut-head protection)
      • Pressure switch or float switch
      • Phase failure protection
      • Audible alarms
      • Water level probes
      • Run hour meters
      • Amp meters
      • Volt meters

      New installations or breakdown servicing for leading Submersible Bore Pump manufacturers such as: Grundfos, Onga, Davey, Lowara, Caprari, Mono Pumps and Southern Cross. Options for Solar pumps or wind power also available.

      Are you in the country or interstate... easy! Simply give us a call on (08) 8339 6577 or visit our ebay store.


      • Built in dry run protection
      • Constant pressure systems available (SQE/CU301)
      • Do not require a starter or control box

      Grundfos SQ/SQE series

      Suitable for a variety of applications including domestic water supply, irrigation and pumping water for livestock. 3" pumps for narrow bores. Variable speed "E" motors available for constant pressure.


      • Irrigation systems
      • Dewatering in mines
      • Irrigation of crops and turf
      • 3 grades of stainless steel available

      Grundfos SP Series

      The Grundfos SP submersible pump range is made entirely of stainless steel. This ensures good resistance against not only abrasive attack, but also corrosion. Energy efficient design ranging from 0 to 280m³/hr.


      • Domestic water supply
      • Irrigation
      • Stock watering
      • Dewatering

      Onga Sta-Rite 2000 series

      Onga Signature 2000 Series. Strong, rigid and long lasting. Floating impeller design to reduce sand lock up problems and longer motor life. Franklin motors.


      • Domestic water supply
      • Irrigation
      • Stock watering
      • Dewatering

      Davey J Series

      Manufactured from high quality corrosion resistant materials. 25, 40 & 60 litre per minute models feature floating impellers to reduce clogging problems.


      • Water supply
      • Irrigation systems
      • Pressure boosting
      • Stock watering
      • Mine de-watering

      Lowara GS Series

      The GS series pumps are a new concept in bore hole pumps. Compact and almost maintenance-free, they are designed to be extremely reliable. They are resistant to oxidization since all the metal parts are in stainless steel


      • Domestic Water Supply
      • Irrigation
      • Stock Watering
      • Sand

      Caprari Desert Line

      The right choice for high concentrations of solids and sand up to 300 g/m3. The new 4” and 6” submersible pumps for small and medium-size wells are Caprari's answer to the need for high performance.
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