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Need a domestic or commercial water pump in Adelaide, Mt Barker or the Adelaide Hills? Aldgate Pump Sales & Service are Adelaide's water pump specialists.
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Need a domestic or commercial water pump in Adelaide, Mt Barker or the
Adelaide Hills? Aldgate Pump Sales & Service specialise in all types of
pumps and irrigation systems from pool pumps to water tank pumps,
water truck pumps, sump pumps, submersible pumps and fire pumps, and have local expertise in agricultural, industrial, commercial and domestic water management. Our one stop shop carries all types of water pumps and pump accessories, including solar water pumps systems.

We can custom make complete irrigation systems for agricultural, commercial and industrial applications and we are leaders in creating irrigation systems ranging from complete garden watering systems to drip systems.

Aldgate Pump Sales & Service provide sales, service and accessories for the world’s leading water pump brands, including Davey, Onga, Grundfos and Lowara.

Solar Water Pump Systems installed in the Adelaide Hills
Solar Pump installation - May 2015

With so many domestic and commercial water pump types and models available, which pump is suitable for your application? Let an Aldgate Pump Sales & Service assistant help you select the right pump for your job.

We supply and install Water Pumps to solve all types of issues:
• Variable Speed Models for constant pressure and to minimize running costs
• Submersible pressure pumps for quiet operation with no priming issues
• Efficiently designed pumps to minimise your electricity bill
• Pumps and pump products to minimise pump cycling and wear
• Pumps able to provided enough pressure for filtration and water treatment systems
• Multi-stage and Jet pumps
• Run-dry protection
• Stainless steel pumps

Purchasing a pump from Aldgate Pump Sales & Service ensures you receive the highest after-sales service and support. Aldgate Pump Sales & Service are the recognised Warranty Agents for all the major pump brands. Our modern workshop offers comprehensive testing facilities and a fully guaranteed level of professional workmanship. Our fully qualified technicians can service or repairs your water pump at our workshop or at your location.

Pump Applications include:
• Household domestic use • Garden watering systems • Bore systems • Submersible  systems
• Farming and agricultural systems • Irrigation and turf applications • Water transfer systems
• Mains water boosting • Wash down systems • Circulating systems

Are you in the country or interstate... easy! Call an Aldgate Pump Sales & Service technician today on (08) 8339 6577 or visit our ebay store for a huge range of water pumps at great prices.

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