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Water Pump Controllers

A well fitted water pump controller helps you regulate and protect your entire water system. Aldgate Pump Sales & Service keep a wide range of water pump controllers to suit a variety of applications. 

We stock water control equipment for:
• Pressure Pumps and household pump systems
• Sump Pumps for clean or dirty water applications
• Vertical Multistage pumps for high volume of irrigation controllers
• Variable speed controllers

Some of the features available are:
• Run dry protection
• Over and under voltage protection
• Oover temperature protection
• Anti-pump cycling
• Flow switch protection
• Alternating pump cycles 
• Visual and audible alarm

We can also bulid custom made control gear to suit just about any application. Simply give Aldgate Pump Sales & Service a call on (08) 8339 6577 or visit our ebay store and check out our range of water pump controllers online.

Pressure Pump Controllers


  • start pressure at 1.5  bar (approx 22psi)
  • dry-running protection
  • pump keeps running as long as there is flow

Grundfos PM1 15 Controller

The Grundfos PM 1 pressure managers are designed for automatic start/stop control of Grundfos pumps and other water supply pumps.


  • adjustable start at 1.5 - 5 bar
  • The start pressure is set by means of DIP switches
  • dry-running protection 
  • cycling alarm 
  • auto-reset function which can be used to automatically restart the pump

Grundfos PM2 AD Controller

The Grundfos PM 2 pressure manager is designed for automatic start/stop control of Grundfos pumps and other water supply pumps.


  • energy savings
  • minimal pump wear
  • Dry running protection

Variable Speed Inverter

Pentax variable speed pump inverter is specifically designed for single-phase motor pump operation, and is suitable for all types of pumps. Soft start/stop guarantee low current and a long-lasting motor pump, silent working and true constant pressure.


  • 15 Programmable timers built in
  • Powerful 40 Amp solid state drive
  • 20 Bar 290 psi Pressure rating

Kelco F60 Pump Controller

The ultimate in versatile pump control. The F60 Digital pump controller monitors system pressure and flow to ensure complete pump protection. It can be set to operate in one of four unique modes, each with a wide range of functions.


  • For existing pressure systems
  • Max Pressure - 18Bar
  • Constant flow
  • Run Dry Protection

Kelco F30 Pump Controller

The Kelco F30 Pump controller is a digital electronic flow switch that monitors both flow and pressure. When included in a pressure system (by using the pump's existing pressure switch) the F30 vastly improves overall performance.

SumpMaster Dual Pump Controller for Float Switch Only Operation


  • Underground carparks
  • cellars
  • grey water applications

SumpMaster Mini

The SumpMaster Mini provides automatic pump control and protection of two manual sump pumps up to 400 Watts each. Auto / Off / Manual control switch. Straightforward control via 3 floats, a low level float, start float and high level float.


  • Underground carparks
  • Industry
  • Homes and housing estates
  • Sewerage and water authorities


Provides fully automatic pump control and protection via SumpMasterā€™s purpose built central controller module. Able to adapt to varying flow demand via the use of a choice of operating modes. Adjustable parameters.
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