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Privacy Policy

Aldgate Pumps Sales & Service respect the privacy of individuals and are fully compliant with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. Any personal information
obtained by Aldgate Pumps Sales & Service from registrations, coupons, surveys or consumer interviews are dealt with in strict compliance with the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) of the Privacy Act.

If a complaint is to be made concerning issues of privacy that are related
to Aldgate Pumps Sales & Service, please direct all correspondence to:

The General Manager
Aldgate Pumps Sales & Service
PO Box 107
Aldgate SA 5154

or by e-mail to: info@aldgatepumps.com.au

Personal Information
Aldgate Pumps Sales & Service will not collect any personally identifiable information about an individual unless it has been provided with the necessary consent. Such information, if provided, will be securely stored and used only for the purposes it is collected. If such information is to be provided to third parties, then consent pursuant to the NPPs will be required. It has not been, and is not the intention of Aldgate Pumps Sales & Service, to obtain personal information specifically for re-sale or rent to third parties. Such information will only be disclosed if we are legally required to do so.

This website is operated by Aldgate Pumps Sales & Service. When you visit the site we may automatically collect information that is not personally identifiable. This will include such information as the type of Internet Browser you are using, your type of computer operating system (eg. Windows, Macintosh, etc.) and the top level domain name from which links you to our site.

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