Aldgate Pumps
Aldgate Pump Sales & Service have a proven record of providing hot water pumps for both domestic and commercial applications

Hot Water & Heating

With over 50 million Grundfos hot water or heating circulators already successfully installed around the world, you can be sure that you’re in good company. Aldgate Pump Sales & Service are agents for Grundfos Circulators and can offer you expert advice on what product best suits your requirements.

Applications include:
• Booster for gravity feed hot water systems (UPA15-90N)
• Hot water recirculation
• Underfloor heating

Need a Grundfos Hot Water Circulator in Adelaide or the Adelaide Hills? Are you in the country or interstate... easy!
Simply give us a call on (08) 8339 6577 or visit our ebay store.


  • Domestic
  • Increase pressure
  • Gravity Feed Hot Water Systems

Grundfos UPA15-90N

Increases the pressure from gravity feed hot water tanks so that the required pressure is available at showers, taps etc for domestic water. used in open systems and can be connected directly to the water main.


  • Domestic
  • Household hot water

Grundfos UPS20-60N

A Grundfos UPS20-60N pump is an in-line circulator for Hot water. The UPS can operate at 3 speeds. It is perfect for the circulation of hot water in household systems.
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